• Superbase Mobius Strip Tee (Midnight)
  • Superbase Mobius Strip Tee (Midnight)
  • Superbase Mobius Strip Tee (Midnight)

Superbase Mobius Strip Tee (Midnight)

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What is a Möbius strip? In Euclidean mathematics, a Möbius strip or Möbius loop is a surface that can be formed by attaching the ends of a strip of together with a half-twist. It is thought to have been discovered in 1858 by August Ferdinand Möbius and Johann B. Listing. As an abstract topological space, the Möbius strip can be embedded into three-dimensional Euclidean space in many different ways: a clockwise half-twist is different from a counterclockwise half-twist, and it can also be embedded with odd numbers of twists greater than one, or with a knotted centerline. Any two embeddings with the same knot for the centerline and the same number and direction of twists are topologically equivalent. All of these embeddings have only one side, but when embedded in other spaces, the Möbius strip may have two sides. It has only a single boundary curve. Maybe just like this t-shirt?

  • Relaxed fit, pre-shrunk
  • Midweight 6.5 oz fabric
  • Premium side-seam construction
  • Premium shoulder taping
  • 100% combed cotton
  • Specify size when ordering
  • Screenprint on front



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