• Superbase C-Handle Umbrella
  • Superbase C-Handle Umbrella

Superbase C-Handle Umbrella

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Don't leave home without the insanely innovative and lightweight C-Handle Umbrella by Superbase.

Before these amazing contraptions were commonly called umbrellas, they were known as parasols or parapluies. No joke. The word parasol (originally from French) is a combination of para, meaning 'to shield from' derived from the Latin parare, and sol, meaning 'sun'. Parapluie (French) similarly consists of para combined with pluie, which means 'rain' (which in turn derives from pluvia, the Latin word for rain). Hence, a parasol shields from sunlight while a parapluie shields from rain. The word umbrella evolved from the Latin umbra, meaning 'shaded' or 'shadow'.

You never think you need one until you do.

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